Jeremiah | ch. 31-32Jeremiah

Have you ever felt stuck? In our passage, Jerusalem was stuck under siege with little hope for the future. We see that king Zedekiah was stuck and...

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Jeremiah | ch. 31-32


Have you ever felt stuck? In our passage, Jerusalem was stuck under siege with little hope for the future. We see that king Zedekiah was stuck and...

04/06/24 - 04/07/24

Prophecies about Jesus

Courageous King

Happy Easter CFC! I was struck this week by John 18:4. At His arrest, Jesus, “… knowing all that would happen to him, came forward…”. What...

03/30/24 - 03/31/24

Palm Sunday

Courageous King

It takes courage to live in the latter days. How did Jesus do it- to ride into Jerusalem in broad daylight knowing there was a plot to kill Him?...

03/23/24 - 03/24/24

Jeremiah | ch. 30-31


Comfort in dark times! Judah has been under siege for months and have begun to cannibalize their children (Lamentation 2:20 & 4:10). In their...

03/16/24 - 03/17/24

Jeremiah | ch. 26-29


When Jeremiah proclaims a word from the Lord saying “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil,...

03/09/24 - 03/10/24

Jeremiah I ch. 21-25


In these chapters we learn of the last king of Judah, King Zedekiah. In this saga we learn the way of life and death, what it is to know the...

03/03/24 - 03/04/24

Jeremiah | ch. 20


Whoa! Jeremiah is now physically assaulted for the first time. He starts to show signs of depression (erratic behavior). Depression is the natural...

02/24/24 - 02/25/24

Jeremiah | ch. 18-19


Have you ever seen a potter at work? The potter makes the vessel. How silly would it be for the clay to speak and direct the potters hands? When...

02/17/24 - 02/18/24

Jeremiah | ch. 16-17


The first of the Great Empires comes to power from Daniel's prophecy. This paradigm shift is called the Time of The Gentiles. Jeremiah becomes an...

02/10/24 - 02/11/24

Jeremiah | ch. 11-15


“Cursed be the man who does not hear the words of this covenant…” (Jer. 11:3). That’s strong language. We may think of God hurling curses...

02/03/24 - 02/04/24

Jeremiah | ch. 6-10


How teachable are you towards God? What do your prayers reveal? Can you pray “Correct me, O LORD…” as Jeremiah did (10:24)? How quickly we...

01/27/24 - 01/28/24

Jeremiah I ch. 2-5


This weekend we explore the biblical meaning of “whoredom”. What does it mean to walk away from a true love relationship with God, as His...

01/20/24 - 01/21/24

Jeremiah | ch. 1


What are the dynamics of moral decline in a nation? Why does it matter? Should a Christian still speak truth amid opposition? How can we live...

01/13/24 - 01/14/24

Pray Love Serve

Stand Alone or Special Guests

The end of the world is at hand! Do you ever wonder what it is like to live in the end of times? Should we stockpile supplies and build bunkers...

12/30/23 - 12/31/23

Christmas Eve 2023

Into Marvelous Light

For centuries, God's people awaited a promised King. They caught glimpses of a Messiah through signs, miracles and prophets; but these were...

12/23/23 - 12/24/23

Joy - Jesus: A Fierce Warrior

Into Marvelous Light

Some might see the sudden death of a loved one, or a cancer diagnosis or great loss of property through the lens that God is mad at us. It’s...

12/16/23 - 12/17/23

Peace - A Strong Shepherd

Into Marvelous Light

Are you a bit wary of bad leadership? The prophet Micah (ca. 700 BC) witnessed failed leadership- national, religious and business leaders who led...

12/09/23 - 12/10/23

Hope - The Righteous Branch

Into Marvelous Light

Advent is to live within the tension of the now and not yet. As we await the arrival of Christ, we are told to keep believing, and we are given...

12/02/23 - 12/03/23

Hearing God’s Voice

Stand Alone or Special Guests

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you to those of you who joined us for 17 days of fasting and prayer. God has been working in accounts I have heard-...

11/25/23 - 11/26/23

Galatians 6:11-18


I broke the chair in a restaurant a couple of months ago, and Jen wouldn’t stop laughing. Yup! I fell right through and was clinging to the...

11/18/23 - 11/19/23