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A couple of years ago I went go-kart racing with a friend. Did you know you can’t be looking at the curve you’re in? You have to be looking...

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New Year’s Service

Stand Alone or Special Guests

Happy New Year CFC! Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to affect positive change. In doing a web search, the...

01/01/23 - 01/01/23

Christmas Devotional

Christ Our Expectation

12/24/22 - 12/25/22

Christ Our Expectation | Christmas Eve Service

Christ Our Expectation

In Luke 1, we read two separate stories of the angel Gabriel’s foretelling of two births. Zechariah’s response to the news is one of doubt,...

12/23/22 - 12/24/22

Christ Our Expectation | Love

Christ Our Expectation

It’s a love story! The whole thing. The contrast between Herod and the wise men really stuck out to me. Herod is entirely misguided in his...

12/17/22 - 12/18/22

Christ Our Expectation | Joy

Christ Our Expectation

In this wonderful week of Advent joy, I had the privilege of going to the Emergency Room, on a day they said, “It is the fullest we have ever...

12/10/22 - 12/11/22

Christ Our Expectation | Peace

Christ Our Expectation

Peace on earth! Why does it seem that Christmas is anything but peaceful? Perhaps it exacerbates the fact that we have tensions, short-comings,...

12/03/22 - 12/04/22

Christ Our Expectation | Hope

Christ Our Expectation

Can Christmas lights and holiday music be allowed to surface now? Yes, Advent season is upon us and it’s good. The season teaches us how to...

11/26/22 - 11/27/22

Living Hope | 1 Peter 5:8-14

Living Hope

Do you remember the Lion King song, “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...”? Well, what if the lion is not asleep, but...

11/19/22 - 11/20/22

Living Hope | 1 Peter 5:1-7

Living Hope

We live in a world today where no one wants to be led. We struggle with authority in our life and in our world. Peter gives us a beautiful picture...

11/12/22 - 11/13/22

Living Hope | 1 Peter 4:12-19

Living Hope

In July of 64 A.D., Nero had Rome set on fire to rebuild a more glorious city. He blamed Christians to avoid a revolt against him, and it marked...

11/05/22 - 11/06/22

Bless Practices

Stand Alone or Special Guests

When it comes to sharing our faith with others, we often experience missed opportunities, or feel ill-prepared. In talking with Jason, he...

10/29/22 - 10/30/22

Living Hope | 1 Peter 4:1-11

Living Hope

What does it mean to be ‘armed’ with the same thinking that Christ had about suffering and service? I’m looking for the good life! I often...

10/22/22 - 10/23/22

Living Hope | 1 Peter 3:8-22

Living Hope

Some of us are grieving the loss of the USA, as we know it. We certainly don’t like the attack on truth, morality, dignity, and family. We are...

10/15/22 - 10/16/22

Living Hope | 1 Peter 2:11-3:7

Living Hope

We live in crazy times with a lot of white noise and competing voices. It’s easy for us to lose our bearings and feel lost. We’ve spent the...

10/08/22 - 10/09/22

Living Hope | 1 Peter 1:22-2:10

Living Hope

One woman who has been attending CFC for several years now, said she has never experienced such love. Out in the world she feels like she must...

10/01/22 - 10/02/22

Living Hope | 1 Peter 1:13-21

Living Hope

Everything plays itself out between your ears. The way you process data, the mindsets shaping your actions, your spiritual growth...there is a...

09/24/22 - 09/25/22

Living Hope- 1 Peter 1:6-12

Living Hope

Our salvation becomes even more precious to us when it has been tested. It deepens and gets more personal. The believers Peter addressed were...

09/17/22 - 09/18/22

Living Hope- 1 Peter 1:1-5

Living Hope

We are wired for hope! We live on it. We deal with life because of the possibility of happiness in the future. The truth is, we will eventually...

09/10/22 - 09/11/22

Equip | How We Got The Bible


How did we get the Bible? Is it trustworthy? What does it do for me? These are great questions that we will be addressing this weekend. As...

09/03/22 - 09/04/22

Equip | The Purpose of The Church


What’s the purpose of church? Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now to Him glory in the church...”. The church exists for the glory of God! ...

08/27/22 - 08/28/22