The Radical Joy of God | Part 2, Matthew 5:5The Radical Joy of God

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” For many, the word meek just doesn't sound right. It simply doesn't make sense. Growing up in America, the idea of meekness is often associated with weakness. The notion that the meek are blessed and shall inherit anything seems absurd to most. At the root of this misconception, is a knowledge gap about what the word "meek" really means. This week, seek to understand what Jesus was talking about and what he has in store for us when we fully grasp the concept of meekness and its implications to our relationships with one another. Meekness is NOT weakness. We will explore why, and how it's truly something exhibited by the strongest among us. Moses and Jesus are noted as being meek. Read up on their lives. It may put into question your understanding of meekness. Come to hear God's word as we are encouraged and challenged on our walk by such a counter-cultural notion as meekness.

DATE: May 04 -
SPEAKER: Ilya Tlumach, Elder

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