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We are deeply loved by God. However, since Adam and Eve we are independent of God. So the story of Israel being led out into a desert to experience the presence of God becomes our story. We all have a felt need to connect with God. Each of the five offerings leads us closer into His presence. In Leviticus 8-9 the priests and the tabernacle are dedicated. At the end of Chapter 9, fire comes down from heaven and the glory of God is revealed to all the people. So we might ask, “What is the purpose of a priest?” “What is the meaning of their dedication?” “What effect does it have when people get glimpses of God’s glory?” “Can we still see that today?”

DATE: November 03 - 04, 2018
SPEAKER: Lead Pastor, Bobby Parschauer
TAGS: Priesthood

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You Shall Be Mine

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You Shall Be Mine

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You Shall Be Mine

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You Shall Be Mine

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