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At the beginning of a new year I take time to do a little personal inventory of my life. I ask myself how things are going in my walk with the Lord, in my family, with my friendships, and in my job. I know I am not alone in this. You may have done something similar.

Personally, I made a list of things to incorporate in my life weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. I listed things I am already doing consistently and then added in items that would be helpful. My list revolved around “how to promote peace and endurance in 2019”. Peace and endurance have been needed items in my life in 2018 so I decided to focus there. No matter what my focus, or yours, it all centers around a consistent deepening of our relationship with Jesus. All our goals and plans for a new year must find their foundation right there.

The Women’s Ministry of CFC offers multiple opportunities for you to strengthen your relationship with Jesus. We want to be a place where you can connect with the Lord through His word and in community with other ladies.

Consider adding one or more of these opportunities into your 2019 plans.

ONE - January brings the launch of the first Women’s Mentoring Ministry at CFC.

The Mentoring Ministry of CFC Women’s Ministry is a place to respond to the Lord’s invitation to draw near, hold fast and stir up along with another mature woman of faith. Enter into a year long relationship with a mentor and one to two meetings a month where you will be encouraged to live out your faith in the Lord in your daily life.

There is a limited number of Mentors so filling out your application must happen today (1/21).

TWO - February brings a new eight week Bible study in Women’s Ministry.

Our Bible studies are a unique time for women to gather together. Each week includes discussion time, teaching from the word, community connection, and a workbook for personal study during the week.

Together we will discover from Second Timothy, the amazing legacy we have received and be challenged to consider the legacy we will leave. God challenges us to fan into flame the gift He has given. Learn more about the Bible study and register HERE.

THREE - March brings the local Lancaster iF gathering conference.

On Friday and Saturday March 15th & 16th join ladies from CFC and other women in the Lancaster area for this weekend simulcast conference. CFC women will have the opportunity to register together as a group and join women from all across the world in local homes, churches and communities while enjoying live worship and testimonies. Learn more about IF: Lancaster and register with CFC at our EVENT page.

Why not start 2019 with purpose and determination to deepen your walk with the Lord along with other ladies at CFC? We offer you several levels of time commitments. There is monthly meetings for a year, weekly meetings for 8 weeks and one intense weekend. Visit our Women’s Ministry page to register and set your plans for 2019.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore

Women's Ministry Director

Mandy Moore has been leading our Women's Ministry since 2015. She is passionate about helping individuals connect to God through the study of the Bible and in authentic community. She designs Bible studies and events for women where this can happen. Mandy married her high school sweetheart, Brian, and together they have five children.