Prayer Requests From CFC Missions Partners

Krista in Central Asia

  • God’s wisdom and direction as I interact with my second language helper.

  • Pray for smooth travels for my roommate and coworker who will be leaving on home assignment and the transitions that will leave for both of us.

  • BCM Sri Lanka

    Beth Shalom

  • One of the grave needs we currently have is transportation. As the ministry is so involved in all parts of the country traveling to these places has been very difficult with lack of resources. Please continue to uphold in prayer that we may be able to buy a vehicle so we can visit more of our ministries and also take our mission teams which we go out and be able to do more activities in the mission field.

  • Prayer for financial support that God will open opportunities for those who feel the need that they may be able to contribute

  • As always thanks for the support of Beth Shalom!

  • Prayer request for Megan, her mental health (peace of mind), her children’s health (Amiya and Leela), finances and a better paying job working full-time hours.

  • Pray for Isalane to find another job and for her daughter (Amaya) who is still dealing with stomach problems.

  • Pray for Reina to regain custody of her son Angel, and find employment.

  • Pray for Sherry, she will be going to court Nov 30th to get custody of her son Nicholas.


  • There have been several countries that have been facing devastations from flooding. Many children lost their homes in Bangladesh due to flooding and landslides, Togo experienced flooding and many families lost their homes as well, in addition to Thailand and Colombia. These past few months, countries where Compassion works, have experienced large amounts of devastation due to natural disasters. It’s so sad to think about, as well as such a challenge to rebuild in countries that are already lacking in resources. Please pray for the restoration of homes in these countries and that the children and families will be protected.

Latin America
South Asia
Southeast Asia
IJM HQ & Global Partners

  • Pray for an ongoing case against an abusive police officer in Kenya that will resume next week. Please pray for the safety and protection of staff and witnesses, and for justice to be done in this case.

  • Please pray for our team in the Dominican Republic, as this week they began their first training with external Aftercare Case Managers. Our team is training a dozen staff from CONANI, the Dominican equivalent to Child Welfare Services, to meet one of the county’s biggest needs to address sex trafficking: specialized training. Pray that CONANI staff members will be transformed by this training both personally and professionally.

  • Please pray for two girls who were rescued from sex trafficking on Monday and are beginning their healing journey. These 15-year-olds are both from a community that traditionally encourages women into prostitution, so they have grown up with a distorted view of their worth and futures. Pray for our aftercare team and partners meeting these girls in their time of need.

  • Praise God for justice in Cambodia: In the first three quarters of the year, the IJM team helped secure convictions against 18 people for labor trafficking crimes. Praise God for the Cambodian courts that have ruled justly, especially considering how these cases involved collaboration with other countries to track down evidence, witnesses and even the criminals themselves.

  • Please ask God to bring the right people to join IJM’s team, both for positions at our Headquarters and in our Field Offices around the world. Pray for wisdom as our Recruiting Team reviews applications and interviews candidates, seeking to bring the women and men on board who will help make justice for the poor unstoppable.

F&M Campus ministry:
Please continue to pray for my support raising meetings as I ask God to bring my support to 100% by the beginning of next semester so that I can be full-time on campus. If you know of someone I should meet with, please pass along a recommendation or introduce us through email.

Family prayer needs:
Hope International
Love 146

  1. November 10-12th is our Fall Retreat, joining with students from several South Central PA colleges. We have 27 F&M students registered and this Friday is the final deadline. Several more students are considering, pray that they are able to go!

  2. Continue praying for endurance and boldness for the leadership students. Elisabeth, Abby, Aiswarya, Chase, Ehenneden, Leana, Sam, and Zeima (Lexi & Parker are studying abroad this semester)

  3. Pray for our 4 Community Groups meeting in dorms. Last time I asked you to pray for wisdom in identifying new apprentice leaders. Praise God, we are adding two apprentice leaders this week to prepare for the growth of these groups.

  1. Pray with us for a balance and wisdom in life as we navigate the needs of all 5 of our children, having a 4 month old up through a senior in high school.

  2. Pray for guidance for our oldest, Addie as she seeks what God would have her do next year after HS graduation. She is considering several colleges and also a gap-year program in ministry.

  3. Please continue to pray for our daughter Isabelle’s epileptic seizures. We are thankful that recently Isabelle has not been injured as a result of a seizure. Seizures continue to happen daily and more have occurred at school than previously. Pray for peace and endurance as we care for her and continue to seek wisdom from her doctors at CHOP.

  • We praise God for the testimonies of clients like Lerry Tumbali, a savings group member in the Philippines who came to know the Lord through his group. Since accepting Christ, Lerry shares,“The change in my life is not instant, but the change is big. Now I thank the Lord because even my family, my spouse, and my children right now, we attend church regularly.” Pray that Lerry and others like him would continue to grow in Christ, the giver of good and perfect gifts.

  • For HOPE Haiti, 2017 has been a year of significant growth. Since June, the program has added two new church partners and is now collaborating with all the major denominations in the country. Lesly Jules, HOPE Haiti’s program director, shares, “HOPE’s partnership with these organizations ... get[s] the word out that savings and credit is an important ministry for the local church to consider.” We praise God that as this ministry bears fruit, more churches are addressing the economic challenges Haitians face.

  • Please continue to pray for our clients in Zimbabwe who are facing significant challenges as the Zimbabwean economy continues to get worse and their currency endures “hyperinflation” rates of more than 50% PER MONTH. This is a major challenge for everyone in Zimbabwe as prices for basic things like food, shelter, and clean water skyrocket. Also pray that HOPE might be able to provide guidance for its clients facing these challenges.

  • Please pray for our Development Team who have been working hard to raise funds for HOPE’s ministry as we approach the end of the year! We have been given the opportunity to work with amazing church partners, foundations and individuals, and have faith that God will provide for all of our needs.

  • Please pray for the survivors in our care in the Philippines and those still waiting for intervention and care.

  • Gratitude for God’s faithful provision and protection for three full years of mentoring, evangelizing, and riding.

  • Gratitude in advance for the joy we will share with 150+ boys, leaders, and family members of LIFECYCLES in the CFC auditorium on Sunday, November 19.

  • Request wisdom for the development of our first volunteer leader to commit to opening a new LIFECYCLES team in New Holland in mid summer 2018.

  • Gratitude for our mission partnerships with Community Fellowship Church, Water Street Mission, and Rainbows End Youth Services.

  • Gratitude for the maturation of boys growing in the LIFECYCLESexperience. Boys with anger management issues in 2015 are getting along with everyone in 2017. Boys with problems in school just reported “straight A’s” last report card period. Boys with no church background are listening to scripture each meeting and talking about it with leaders.

  • Request for healing of Angel Rivera, one of our leaders who remains hospitalized with paralysis from his shoulders down. Angel and his wife, Lorraine are strong in their faith, with three young children and lots of financial needs. Angel’s church and our leaders are praying for and providing visitation to Angel. Our LIFECYCLES facebook page has a link to his CARING BRIDGE opportunity to know more and to support the Riveras.