Missions Update | The Illryicum Movement

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CFC has the privilege to partner with the Illyricum Movement, an Albania Church Plant.

The Illryicum Movement is an Albanian Christian team that focuses on planting and establishing local churches in Albania, led by Edi & Bona Demo. CFC has partnered to support a fourth church plant; not only financially, but through our team that is willing to become email prayer partners and mentors with individuals in Albania.

Currently there is a need for CFC’ers to volunteer to be online English “teachers” - you really don’t need to be a teacher at all! Just be willing to spend about an hour a week helping to improve conversational English in adult Albanian non-believers. A curriculum is provided that leads the teacher/student through 8 weeks of conversational English about getting acquainted, values, beliefs, faith, God, atheism and eventually presents the gospel. Most sessions include a video with corresponding questions to discuss, that help both English advancement and thinking about eternal issues. The next 8 week session will begin later in January, and online time is up to the teacher/student to schedule, so it is very flexible! You can also join the Albania Team on Thursday 1/14 at 7 pm. The team is meeting for updates and prayer for the Illyricum Movement and Emanel Church on Zoom (first time in awhile). If you are interested in hearing more about Albania and would consider being a part of the team, or you would like to join the zoom meeting, please contact Lavonne Johnston, at or 717-823-1215.

Please read below for an update from Edi Demo:


By the grace of God we are doing well and I Thank the Lord for being gracious on the lives of my parents. First my Father got Covid and then my Mother. It was difficult to only help them in distance but was not possible to be close to them. By the grace of God we found good antibiotics here in Albania (was very difficult to find good quality) and now they are doing very well. I thank the Lord. At the same time we have been very busy with the ministry, spreading food packages including bibles and evangelistic materials to so many families. It is a cooperation with many other churches that we are still doing.

I am including here some things that we are considering to be happening in 2021 in our ministry.

1. The current churches are growing in number and in faith and we are so thankful to the Lord for the way that is happening.

2. By the Grace of God in February we will start a new church plant in Malisheve, Kosovo. This will be our first church plant outside of Albania. Prayers are very important at this stage.

3. In the end of January we will start again the English Classes Online where we will pair Americans with Albanians and we would appreciate a lot if there are more people willing to do so from your church. (By the second week of January I will have ready the updated curriculum)

4. We are going to have our summer program again this year.

Thank you so much for being a great blessing!

In Him,