CFC Missions Partners Prayer Requests | October 2018

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Hope International

-Pray for Zimbabwe and the civil unrest. Pray for the staff, church members, and savings group members. Pray for the new leaders of Zimbabwe.

-Pray for a new partnership in Paraguay.

-Pray for a developing partnership with a church denomination in Rwanda.

-Pray as Human Resources seek to fill several positions throughout the HOPE network.

-Pray for continued outreach in Malawi, and thank God for those who have accepted Christ, in a predominantly Muslim people group.

-Continue to pray for partners and families as they serve in South Asia, pray for protection of persecution, and boldness to reach out to their neighbors.

Hutton’s in Arab Lands

-Pray for a good beginning to the school year for their daughter.

-God person(s) to be investing deeply in.

-Theology students return from across the region this week for their semester at the theology school. Pray for their border passage & beginnings of their studies.


Africa- Continue to pray for God to raise up partners in Ghana to provide services to survivors after rescue. As we are rescuing more children out of slavery in the fishing industry, we need to ensure that there are safe shelter homes where they can receive medical care, counseling and education as their long-term needs are assessed. Pray for our team as they are meeting with potential partners, for wisdom and insight to identify the right places for rescued children to receive care.

Latin America- Praise God for last month’s success: Our Bolivia team supported local authorities in securing the maximum sentence of 30 years against a man who sexually assaulted his five-year-old granddaughter. When the trial ended the survivor’s mother was overwhelmed with joy and extremely grateful to our team for supporting them in this process. Please continue praying for this young survivor and her mother as they can now rest knowing this man can’t hurt them again. Pray especially for courage and wisdom as the abuse has taken a toll on their family relationships.

South Asia- Ask God for protection and favor as our team seeks to find and rescue families trapped in forced labor slavery in the last few months of the year. We have seen great progress this year and hundreds of families brought to safety, but we know many more are still waiting for rescue. With many cases in the pipeline, pray we could move local law enforcement to action on behalf of the poor and shut down the abusive businesses that prey on women, children and men in need. Pray we could make a lot of progress before the end of 2018, so no one can deny the prevalence of modern-day slavery in the communities where we work.

Southeast Asia- Pray for IJM’s teams in Bangkok and our Thai partners as we seek to rescue and restore victims of labor trafficking. Vulnerable migrant workers across the region are exploited in Thailand’s extensive fishing industry, and criminal networks in Thailand and neighboring countries are making a profit off of enslaving people. Pray that the Thai government’s efforts to curb this epidemic would be successful, and pray for IJM’s teams in Thailand and Cambodia to bring rescue and restoration to the thousands of victims we have yet to meet.

Illyricum Movement- Albania

-Please praise the Lord that after a very full summer of multiple, very well-attended evangelism projects (children’s art/music camps, adult English classes, and dental clinics) CFC’s Albanian “sister” church, Emanuel Fresku Church began Sunday worship services on 9/8/18. The first services have been well attended and Pastor Edi reports regarding the first service: “The meeting was a great encouragement to see the hand of the Lord on the first service. Praise the Lord. We are blessed to see how God is building His Church. There is such a great interest for God.”
Krista in Central Asia

-Please pray for the Spirit of God to move in this new church, for people to be drawn to the church, for the Spirit to open their eyes,ears and minds to hear the Gospel and to open their hearts to believe in the saving grace of Jesus.

-Please pray that there will be wisdom and discernment among the leaders, especially Pastor Edi and his wife Bona, and Dhurata Turullaj as they continue to work to build this new church.

-Please pray for a new project to draw the neighborhood into the church - an after school tutoring program for children to be held most evenings, to “show them the gospel in practical ways.” Pray that children and their parents be touched with the love of Christ in this way and be introduced to the gospel.

-Pray as I work through minor inconveniences regarding home projects and setting up reliable internet. -Pray for wisdom in navigating unfamiliar systems and learning my way around.

-Ask for discernment and the Spirit’s guidance as I seek to be a testimony to those around me. Ask for wisdom in choosing where to invest my time and with whom to build meaningful relations

-Lift up my sweet teacher.

-Ask for wisdom in setting attainable goals for this coming year with the mindset of planning/preparing for long-term work.

-Pray for protection against the evil one. May i remain strong in the Lord and always put my trust in Him.

Life Cycles

LIFECYCLES is grateful to God for His protection and provision.

-We are grateful to the boys for their trust and their teachability.

-We are grateful for the opportunity to witness boys spiritual and life growth first-hand.

-We are grateful for the many Christian volunteer leaders who have given so much time and attention to the boys of LIFECYCLES.

-We pray that God will bring the financial support in the coming months to replace the funds spent on our thousands of miles and thousands of meals over the spring and summer.

-We pray for discernment and wisdom as we plan the 2019 program.

Family in North Africa


-We are fully moved into a permanent apartment!

-Relationships are being made in class and even outside of class!

-Language class is going well!

-New Teammates got their visas and arrived safely!

Prayer Requests

-For new relationships and for the current ones to grow deeper

-Stress from…well everything

-He will help us master the language

-Our new teammates, as they go through culture stress, jet lag, and apartment hunting

-Continue to abide in Him

-Boldness of spirit and the News

Orphan Care

-First, pray for the foster families at CFC, particularly those that are between placements. They could use prayers for encouragement and wisdom as God opens and closes doors. Also, they could use prayer for strength and sacrificial love as they endure the highs and lows of short-term foster care placements as well as the interactions with hurting children and families.

-The second prayer request is for families outside of CFC that are involved with foster care/adoption and are struggling. Pray that they would let go of their pride and seek out community and other support, whether it’s through our group or another. There is an increase in failed adoptions, mostly due to lack of a support system. Unfortunately, our culture promotes a very isolated, self-sufficient lifestyle.

Water Street Ministries

-Pray for two former guests who are angry and struggling from past hurts and betrayals. Pray for healing and restoration.

-Pray for guests struggling with mental health issues that cloud day to day reasoning and make forward progress difficult.

-Praise God for our new staff position called liaison—someone who invests in the guests during their first 7 days at Water Street. The position focuses on building trust and understanding, which are vital to a guest’s restoration journey. We’re so thankful to be able to offer love and hospitality in this way.