Below are some helpful links regarding some of our ADVANCE initiatives.


Upward. Inward. Outward.

CFC is in the midst of a three-year emphasis that shines a bright spotlight on spiritual growth, community, and outreach.

To accomplish that, we are making an active, collective and prayerful emphasis on moving upward, inward, and outward via the ADVANCE initiative.

UPWARD | Biblical Literacy

The core action of growing a deeper relationship with Jesus is spending time reading and studying the Bible. Though there may be many actions that are great complements to it, there really is no substitute in for learning more about the Word of God.

Throughout the ADVANCE campaign, CFC is developing and offering more resources (along with weekly sermons) to help with the quest of growing in Biblical literacy:

Devotion to the Word of God will help to secure and deepen the foundation of our faith, while helping us view and understand the world around us with a secure, Biblical worldview.

INWARD | Healthy Community

We’ve all had it happen – it’s easy to get our “buttons pushed” while in relationship with others. By committing to growth in healthy community with each other, CFC will be actively offering tools to promote wholesome, fulfilling, and Godly relationships.

CFC places a very strong emphasis on life in community, and encourages all attendees to be active in a Community Group. These tightly-knit small communities serve as a place for growth, mentoring, encouragement, and accountability. These are the types of relationships that nourish and challenge us at the same time. This kind of fellowship allows us to share each other’s burdens, while encouraging each other to deeper relationships with Christ.

Plus here’s the added benefit: healthy interactions speak well of our God when others observe how we treat each other.

OUTWARD | Missional Mindset

Every single one of us is called to much more than just what happens in our own personal life. Thankfully, God has called us to a higher purpose by influencing the world for His Name and encouraging others to a vibrant relationship with Christ.

When considering a missional mindset, we can either shrink back and retreat, or we can move forward.

It’s no surprise that lots of people might wonder “what can I really do?” or “how can I really serve?” They’re valid questions – and CFC is providing tools that help each one to find how they can best be used in advancing the Gospel and serving others.

CFC is deeply committed to outreach – both in Lancaster County and on a global basis. The world desperately needs the hope of Jesus Christ…we need to do all that we can to help with that mission.