Volunteer Spotlight - Nikelle Murphy

This week we are shining a spotlight on Nikelle Murphy! Nikelle has been serving in several capacities at CFC in since 2019! She serves two roles in CFC Women’s Ministry; Women’s Ministry Retreat Director and member of the Women’s Bible Study writing and research team. This spring Nikelle headed up the first official CFC Women’s Ministry Retreat ever at Black Rock Retreat! She also is a Community Group leader with her husband Matt. They have two children Harper and Cameron. Read more to find out why Nikelle volunteers,what it means to her, and where else she has lived before settling in Lititz, PA.

Best part of volunteering: I love fostering deeper connections within the church, both for myself and giving others the chance to form deeper relationships with God and each other! Matt and I moved around a lot when we were first married, and volunteering within each church we joined was crucial in giving us a starting point for community. Now that we are more settled, it’s humbling and gratifying to see God using the ways Matt and I serve to bolster our faith, and hopefully the faith of others.

Hardest part of volunteering: Sometimes, there is overlap between events with the women’s ministry, our community group, and Matt’s service playing the drums. Those can feel like extremely busy weeks! However, ministry leaders are incredibly understanding and able to provide breaks or other support as needed.

Why do you serve/think it’s important to serve in the church?: God speaks in the Bible about how important each member of the church body is in building each other up. (Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12, etc.) I personally believe we are to take that literally and serve in whatever capacity we are able, both for our own maturity in Christ, and to help the greater church amplify God more and more.

Favorite Worship Song: Red Sea Road (Ellie Holcomb) and Goodness of God (Bethel) are current favorites!

Something people at CFC may not know about you: Since getting married 7 years ago, Matt and I have lived in California, New Jersey, Indiana, and now Pennsylvania. We’re thrilled to be putting down roots close to where I grew up.

Thank you Nikelle for getting Plugged- In to CFC Women’s Ministry and Community Groups! We love having you on the team helping to make Committed Followers of Christ!