Volunteer Spotlight - Kristin Dzurik

We are excited to shine a Volunteer Spotlight on Kristin Dzurik this week! Kristin and her husband Steve live in Mountville and are faithful attenders and volunteers at CFC! Kristen has served in Community Kids for over 20 years! And you may not have known that Kristin also served on CFC’s Worship Team for many years! Read more why Kristin stays plugged in at CFC!

Best part of volunteering: Giving and not just receiving at church is so worthwhile and makes me feel connected and a part of the body of Christ in an important way. Many Sundays, while preparing or participating in Children’s Ministry, I am convicted by the simple truths being taught. To be able to be part of communicating these truths to children is a blessing!

Hardest part of volunteering: Our weekends get busy as our parents and adult children do not live nearby, but the commitment is worth it and there is always flexibility and understanding with schedules.

Why do you serve/think it’s important to serve in the church?: All members of the body of believers are needed for the work of the gospel to be possible. Giving of yourself, your time and gifts, changes you by making you look beyond yourself by prioritizing others. This is the example Jesus set for us.

Something people at CFC may not know about you: I am a Jersey girl, who went to college in Oklahoma, then lived in Virginia Beach before making Lancaster County home. It was hard when we first moved here to have no family nearby but being in small groups and involved at church has always helped us to find church family. Now Lancaster is our home base as our children have spread out across the US!

Thank you Kristin for faithfully serving at CFC!