Volunteer Spotlight | Chris Adams

Chris Adams  |  CFC Features

Playing the drums is fun, but uniting in worship with the body of Christ is a whole other experience entirely. I highly recommend it.

I started playing on the Worship Team at CFC in early 2015, just a few months after I had begun attending the church. One of the band members had played with me a few times at a young adults’ gathering, and he invited me to audition for the team. He might as well have asked if I wanted free burrito bowls for life because playing/singing worship music is one of my favorite things in the world (burrito bowls actually come second). Serving on the Worship Team is such a good opportunity to do something that I love to do, using gifts that God has given me, in a way which brings glory to His name. It also allows me to regularly connect with others in our church who share a similar passion. We learn from each other, pray together, laugh together, and worship together. I have grown in my musical abilities, and in my faith through being a part of such a community. However, my favorite part is that, as a team, we get to engage with our church in singing praises to our God and rejoicing in His salvation! It truly is a privilege and a joy!