Tragedy to Triumph Recap

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If I asked you who the main character of the book of Ruth is, would you answer Ruth? Most of the time that is the assumption and yet when we view the book of Ruth with Ruth as the main character, we miss something drastically important.

The first five verses of the book are all about Naomi! In these short sentences we are welcomed into Naomi’s great despair. This Bible book welcomes us into the tragic moments of Naomi’s life and challenges us to question along with her “is God for me”. Tenderly and perfectly God walks us through His work in her life bringing her to a victorious conclusion. The last verses of the book of Ruth contain a paragraph all about Naomi. She sits with a baby in her arms, the townspeople declaring God’s goodness, and the genealogy of a King as the credits begin to roll. We discover this is only the beginning of what God was doing in and through Naomi’s life.

When the trials of this life are overwhelming and life is more of a tragedy than anything else, Naomi gives us comfort in her realness with how she is struggling to grasp how God is at work in the tragedy. She hauntingly declares “the hand of the Lord has gone out against me”, “the almighty has dealt very bitterly with me”. It is this journey of Naomi’s, from personal tragedy to Godly triumph, that the CFC Women’s Bible Study walked through the last eight weeks.

The vision and goal of the Women’s Ministry at CFC is to help women become committed followers of Christ through the study of His word and in community with other women. The eight week Bible study series, offered twice a year, are an opportunity that brings personal Bible study and community connection together.

During Tragedy to Triumph we were challenged through the Bible:
All of these truths and more coming from our study of the Bible and enhanced by small group discussion.

  • Do not allow your circumstances to be sovereign over revealed truth from the Word of God!

  • When life is hard we must remember, God is on the move, we never have the full picture!

  • We can offer loyal love to others in tragedy by offering companionship, faith and hard work.

  • We are to mobilize our resources and influence to go above and beyond to meet the need.

  • God is for me and He will work through me! Together we can impact generations and touch eternity!

Our next CFC Women’s Bible Study will be in the fall starting September 18th and 19th. Save the date, ladies, and plan to join us.

Mandy Moore | Women’s Ministry Director

Mandy Moore

Women's Ministry Director

Mandy Moore has been leading our Women's Ministry since 2015. She is passionate about helping individuals connect to God through the study of the Bible and in authentic community. She designs Bible studies and events for women where this can happen. Mandy married her high school sweetheart, Brian, and together they have five children.