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CFC has just taken on an exciting new mission partner - the Illyricum Movement in Albania which was introduced at the Sunday am services on 2/18/18 by Dr. Mark Johnston. Mark and Lavonne Johnston have been traveling to Albania doing medical missions annually for nearly 25 years, and now CFC is partnering with the Illyricum Movement, led by Edi & Bona Demo. This pastor and his wife are known personally by the Johnstons and are highly respected as incredibly committed followers of Jesus who are dedicated and willing to do anything to see their fellow Albanians come to Christ.

The Illryicum Movement is an Albanian Christian team that focuses on planting and establishing local churches in Albania. The team has planted three thriving churches in the capital city of Tirana (where the largest population of Albanians live) with plans now underway to start a new fourth church in a large area of the city that does not have any church presence. Their successful strategy begins by attempting to fulfill needs in the community of the potential new church. They visit the unchurched area, find a building to rent, meet people on the street to talk and have coffee with, determine the area’s needs and interests, establish all kinds of outreaches such as tutoring for children, English classes, free medical help, art classes, parenting courses, and then introduce the people to Christ and the new church. They then work to disciple the usually young, new believers.

CFC has agreed to help fund this next church start-up and to become a “sister church” that comes alongside this new fourth church. The plan is for CFC to support this church plant not only financially as is planned in the church budget, but to establish a CFC team that is willing to become email prayer partners and mentors with individuals in Albania. In addition, some on the CFC team may consider future short term mission trips to Albania to get to know this sister church and to help with evangelism and discipleship efforts.

Albania was previously a Muslim country, then became Communist after WW II at which time Atheism became the government religion. When the iron curtain came down in 1991, Christian (and other) missionaries entered Albania after 606 years of total darkness. Those that have turned to Christ are the first generation of Believers with almost no older Christians to mentor them. The Albanian Christians need us to help fill that gap with Believers that have lived the Christian life and can pour spiritual maturity into their new-found faith.

If you would be interested in hearing more about Albania and would consider being part of the team, please email Mark Johnston at or Lavonne Johnston at Mark & Lavonne will be hosting an information session in the near future for anyone interested and they would love to hear from you.

Mark Johnston | Elder

Mark Johnston


Mark came to know the Lord at a Billy Graham crusade in 1973. He is committed to seeing CFC grow and thrive by consistently upholding the integrity of the Scriptures, doing things decently and in order, and furthering its focus on reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A respected physician, a retired U.S. Navy captain, and a leader in overseas medical ministries, Mark and his lovely wife, Lavonne, have three grown children and a growing brood of grandchildren.