Orphan Care Ministry Coffee House

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If you’ve ever talked to a mom or dad with foster kids or someone who recently brought home a little boy or girl from China, you may have noticed that it can be a lonely journey. Kids with trauma in their past have special needs and demand a great deal of attention and energy. In fact, lack of community is a huge factor in disrupted adoptions and can cause foster parents to feel like they have no other option but to give up.

Similarly, most Christians will tell you that they’d love to help kids who lost their parents, but they just don’t know how or where to start. They aren’t in community with those who have firsthand experience. If they were involved in the lives of those who are fostering, adopting or involved in orphan care in some other way, they would have a better chance of knowing how God can use their unique gifts and situation to get involved.

A coffeehouse is a great, laid back place to make new friends and have meaningful conversations. That’s why we decided to do a coffeehouse-style event for the CFC Orphan Care Ministry, happening Friday, March 9th at 6:30pm- right here at CFC. There’s no big agenda, no big-name speakers… just local coffee, snacks, live music, a story or two and a chance to talk to other folks who are either fostering, adopting or simply interested in helping with the Biblical call to orphan care in some way (James 1:27). Also, in order to give the moms and dads in attendance a chance to talk, we are offering FREE childcare.

We are looking forward to seeing how God uses this event!

- Phil Rohrer | CFC Orphan Care Ministry

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