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God’s Heart for restoration – A Men of Iron update

When Eric first met his wife Rachel, they were both coming out of a broken relationship that left a lot of scars. Despite their shared brokenness, their dating eventually led to marriage. They didn’t want the suffering of their past to impact their future. They desired something greater. They desired God’s restoration and joined a local church in hopes of finding it.

As others began investing in them, they started seeing the fruit of God’s heart for their relationship come alive. They saw a direct link between the growth of their faith and the health of their marriage. But Eric was still being called to greater restoration in how he would love, lead and serve his wife. A few months later, Eric was introduced to an experience that would radically shape that calling. A friend who graduated from Men of Iron’s Strong27TM program recommended Eric join as a protégé. For a man already growing, it was the momentum to deepen Eric’s hunger for God’s Word and create a strong desire to lead.

“The biggest thing is accountability. It allowed me to be more intentional with my wife. I learned a great deal from setting goals and accomplishing them. Even from the goals I didn’t accomplish! Strong27™ gave me somebody, walking with me, who could help me be intentional.”

The Strong27™ experience provides men with the tools and training needed for mentors and proteges to grow in their faith, family, friends, fitness and finances. Eric set goals to become a better husband and leader in his church. Not only were areas of his own life restored, he became an agent of restoration himself. The following year he served as a mentor and began taking on more roles in his church.

Eric’s story is a testimony of God’s restoration. He tells a story of a God who never gave up on him, a God whose plan for him was always greater than he could have ever imagined. Today Eric is a restored man who is participating in God’s mission to restore others.

1 Peter 5:8-10 warns us that we have an adversary who is prowling for someone to devour. The result is a world of suffering that impacts individuals, marriages, families and communities. But verse 10 declares this promise: “The God of all grace…will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” As God restored Eric, he became an agent of restoration in his sphere of influence and that is how God is changing a culture, one man at a time.

With that passage and theme in mind, we are excited to launch our RESTORE Series, a line-up of events focused on God’s heart for restoration. The series begins with A NIGHT OUT on Friday August 21st. The night features a BBQ meal, treats and a drive-in movie experience! We would love to have crowds of CFC families join us that evening. Please visit for more details and tickets.