Lessons from God through Motherhood

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I have been a mom for close to seven years. In that short amount of time, God has molded and shaped me in many ways I never expected.Through motherhood, he has drawn me closer to himself, taught me the meaning of selfless love, and revealed old truths to me in new ways.

Here are some of the lessons God has taught me through motherhood.

I Need to Rely on Him

I have three small children ages 2, 5, and almost 7. And like many moms, I have a plate full of obligations. I’m responsible for the laundry and the dishes and somehow getting everyone out of the house each day (which I do mostly on time, I might add). Then there’s remembering homework and ballet recitals and parent-teacher meetings. I brush teeth, wipe behinds, and make sure each kid knows where their shoes are. I also have a job, a house to keep clean, and a husband who deserves more than simply what’s left of me at the end of each day.

Thankfully, even in the craziest of seasons, I serve a God who allows me to lean on him. In fact, he’s created me to do so. He’s a God who allows me to lay my burdens at his feet and rest in his presence. I’ve always known that I should rely on God, but through the chaos of motherhood, God has helped me to lean in more than ever. Because, while my time and energy are finite, his are infinite. While my patience is often lacking, his overflows. Though I am often weak, he is strong. Through him, I can do anything.

Related verses: 2 Corinthians 12:9-11, Philippians 4:13

I Need to Trust Him

Being a mom has also forced me to relinquish the tight hold of control that I try to keep on my life. While I’d like to schedule every minute of every day, motherhood keeps me at the mercy of the little people in my life. Since I can’t control my children or what they need from me, my days rarely go as planned. I also can’t control the future no matter how much I want to. Loving another person so much comes with vulnerability— and with that vulnerability comes fear. To overcome that fear, we need to trust God with what we can’t control. I’d be lying if I said

I’m not scared sometimes, but that fear reminds me to turn my eyes to the one who holds the world in his hands. Motherhood has helped me to acknowledge that God is the only one in control. And since he is good and all-powerful, I should trust him. Related verses: Proverbs 3:5, 2 Corinthians 5:7

He Is Making Me More Like Him

Every day as moms, we put others before ourselves. We stay up all night with fussy babies when we desperately need to sleep. We run errands and pack lunches when we’d prefer to binge-watch Netflix. Some days we might forget to eat or leave our houses in freezing weather without coats, but you can bet that our kids are fed and warm. Our own needs or wants are no longer our primary focus. This is selfless love. A love that doesn’t concern itself with what it gets in return, it just loves. It just serves. Each day that we let that selfless love grow in us, we become more like the one who created us. In other words, our role as “Mom” is making us more like the Father.

Whether you’re a mom or a grandmom or a mother figure (or a dad!), you know the sacrifices that I’m talking about. You’ve made the same sacrifices. You understand what it means to love someone so much that you would die for them. In that way, God’s refined you and made you more like him.

Related verses: Philippians 2:3-4, Galatians 2:20

His Love is a Reason to Celebrate!

One day, I was in the car with my daughter, Evelyn. She was whining about something, so I turned and asked her what was wrong. I can’t remember what she answered, but I do remember saying, “Oh, honey, if you knew how much Mommy loved you, you’d never be sad.” Suddenly, I felt God’s whisper saying, “How do think I feel about YOU?” If we really understood— like really really understood— how loved we are by the creator of the universe, how would our perspectives change? We would be able to live with joy, even in the darkest of times. Many of our problems would seem insignificant. Our joywould outshine it all and our love would pour out of us into others.

I know I’ll never fully comprehend the depth of his love, at least not in this life. But I understand the love I have for my children and through that love, he’s taught me to understand his a little more. And his infinite love is a reason to be JOYFUL!

Related verses: Psalm 118:24. Philippians 4:4

Motherhood is Ministry

Most recently, God has revealed to me that motherhood is a ministry. We were studying Second Timothy at women’s Bible study, and we were learning about Paul’s exhortation to “fulfill our ministry.” I started thinking about how I could fulfill my ministry. I wondered, “What is my ministry?” Should I be volunteering more? Serve at a food bank?

Honestly, the idea of adding any more to my plate was overwhelming. That is, until I heard our teacher say, “By the way, if you’re a mom, motherhood is ministry!” Immediately I could feel myself relax. By being a mom and raising up godly children, I’m fulfilling the ministry that God has for me right now. I don’t need to do more, more, more.I just need to chase after him with all my heart, take care of others, and raise my children well.

Of course, he may call me to do other acts of service in this season too. Maybe I’ll be called to volunteer more or serve at a food bank. But if I am, I can be confident that he’ll help me fulfill what he calls me to do. Not by my strength but his. What a relief.

Related verse: 2 Timothy 4:5

The Depth of His Sacrifice is Beyond What I Can Imagine

Perhaps the most awesome truth that motherhood has taught me is the depth of God’s sacrifice for us. His love is a love so strong that he would
sacrifice his only son for us. His one and only son.

Mind. Blown.

I’ve known the story and believed it since I was a teenager. But I never understood just how heart-wrenching this sacrifice was until I had a child of my own. I still don’t truly understand. I can’t begin to imagine that kind of sacrifice. It’s humbling. Incredible. Life-giving.

Thank you, Lord!

Related verse: John 3:16

Mandy Youtz a certified life coach turned blogger and owner of the site The Well and Balanced Mom. She also works as a content writer for BrandYourself. She’s been married to her husband Ben for nine years and they have three little girls together.