Future Growth Update

Tricia Garber  |  News  |  Community

Do you feel it? There is definitely something going on at CFC… Every week, we pull in to the parking lot…and it’s a little fuller. We stand behind a few more moms and dads as we wait to check our children in to Community Kids. There are fewer empty seats to choose from when we enter the auditorium. The worship? Palpable. The messages? Vitalizing. For those of us who have been at CFC for a while, we knew it would happen eventually. Even though selfishly we might like to keep it all to ourselves, the word is getting out. God is moving at CFC. So, if you feel like things are amping up around you and you are constantly, (literally?) bumping in to new people in the café… we feel it too. It’s exactly where God wants us to be.

This weekend, Pastors Bobby and Jason shared about how we plan to respond to the amazing work God is doing through CFC Take a look.

Tricia Garber

Communications Manager

Tricia manages the flow of information at CFC, creates written content, and assists ministries in communication efforts. Tricia has attended and served at CFC since 1997 in the areas of Children’s Ministry, Capital Stewardship, Hospitality, and Women’s Ministry. A graduate of Penn State, she has 7 years in sales experience and 10 years in marketing at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Co. She is excited to use what she has learned in the corporate setting to serve God and His church. Tricia, her husband Mark, and three boys, Avery, Andrew, and Aaron live in Lancaster.