A Response to Racial Tension

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Dear CFC,

As some of you may remember, just after the George Floyd incident, I was able to sit down and have a conversation with CFCer, Jason James, and posted it for you to view. Jason was able to give us a view of his perspective as a black man and follower of Christ. Together we prayed for God to help us as a church to lean in to the gospel of Christ and allow His love and forgiveness to help us be one united Body, with all our differences.

Since that time I have continued to read and pray through this topic, and to seek the Lord on this. I also asked the elders to do some research. Racism will be one of the topics that we discuss in our upcoming retreat. My moments of reflection so far have included a greater understanding of the history of racism in America, and also a willingness to have a sensitive heart about unrealized, internal sins of omission. It’s something that is good for each of us to wrestle with in our own hearts.

I’ve asked myself these questions:

Do I think I’m better than certain people?

Do I judge people too quickly for their behaviors?

Do I have compassion as Christ had compassion?

Am I willing to press in to the lives of people who are different than I am?

I am still in a process, and I am thankful for our denomination. The Christian and Missionary Alliance has a history of pressing into many cultures around the world with the love of Christ at great cost. They have been intentional on seeking to help and support people of all ethnic groups. Below is a link to the C&MA’s response to the racial tensions in our country.


Pastor Bobby

An Open Letter on Racism

Bobby Parschauer

Senior Teaching Pastor

After growing up overseas and serving as a missionary in Austria, God has developed in Bobby a love and passion for teaching and sharing the Word of God. It is exciting to see God at work globally and how Scripture changes lives. In 2007, he and his wife, Jen, along with their 3 children joined CFC, and soon after the Lord led him into the position of Lead Pastor.