CFC On Your TV

Dan Smith  |  Article

Have you been struggling with getting our weekend services from your phone, tablet or computer and on to your TV? Then I hope this article will help! Here’s a few options for you to get our weekend services on your TV.


Let’s start with your computer. If your computer was purchased or made within the last 10 years then it likely has an HDMI port on it. Look for a port that looks like the one circled in the image below. If you have a port like this then all you need is an HDMI cable. Plug one end in to your computer and the other end into your TV and your TV will act as a monitor for your computer. Both video and audio signals are sent over HDMI. If you’re not hearing audio when you plug in your computer to your TV, then you may have to go to your computer’s audio settings and make sure that the audio output is set to “HDMI”. You’ll also want to make sure that whatever port on your TV the HDMI cable is plugged into is also the port that the “Input” of your TV is set to. For example, if you’ve plugged in the computer to “HDMI 3” on your TV, then you will want to make sure that you select “HDMI 3” by clicking on the “Input” button on your remote and selecting that input.


If you’re okay with watching the services on your computer but would like better audio quality. A good option is to pick up a Bluetooth Speaker or simply throw on a set of headphones. We’ve linked a few options below as well as an HDMI cable in case you need to purchase an extra one of those.

6’ HDMI Cable - AmazonBasics - $13.47

Anker Bluetooth Speaker - Amazon - $39.99

Anker Soundcore Flare Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Walmart (Available in Store Locally) - $49.88

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker - Target (Available In Store Locally) - $79.99


If you have an iPhone or iPad then I strongly recommend an AppleTV. It’s the most user-friendly option for mirroring your mobile device’s screen onto your television. AppleTV also has a number of apps/channels that you can add to watch the services on your Television but more on that later. If you’re in the market for an AppleTV, they can be a little more expensive but are the most user-friendly, intuitive and robust in it’s functionality.

AppleTV - Target (Available In-Store Locally) - $149.99

AppleTV - Amazon - $149.00

Another, more affordable, option that works with either iOS (Apple) or Android devices is a Google Chromecast. The key difference between Google Chromecast and a Roku or Amazon FireTV stick is that a Google Chromecast allows you the ability to mirror your screen on your mobile device directly to your TV much like the AppleTV does for your Apple device. Once you purchase the Google Chromecast you will have to follow their instructions on setting up your device in order to mirror your screen. Again, this is a pretty user-friendly option and much more affordable than an AppleTV. The only cons to a Chromecast compared to an AppleTV is that a Chromecast can be a little slower and more laggy in its operation and processing.

Google Chromecast - BestBuy (Available in Store Locally) - $35.00

Google Chromecast - Amazon - $35.00

Google Chromest - Walmart (Available in Store Locally) - $35.00


Before I get in to the different apps you can download in order to stream our services, it’s important to mention that if you don’t have a Smart TV you’ll need to purchase a streaming stick or device of some kind. As mentioned above, I highly recommend an AppleTV or Google Chromecast. Two other options include:

Roku Streaming Stick - Walmart (Available in Store Locally) - $49.00

Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player - Target (Available in Store Locally) - $99.99

Amazon FireTV Stick - Amazon - $39.99


Starting this weekend (4/26) we will be posting Weekend Services to our Youtube Channel. You can find our YouTube Channel by Clicking Here (Youtube Channel). Once you’ve subscribed to our channel and logged in to your account in the YouTube app on your streaming device, you should see all new videos that we post in your video feed.

The YouTube Streaming app is available on any streaming device including AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku and Amazon FireTV Stick.


First you will have to create a FREE account with Vimeo. Once you’ve done that you can find our Vimeo channel at where you can “+Follow” our channel (similar to subscribing with YouTube). Download and install the Vimeo App on your streaming device and log in to your account. Any new videos we post will show up in your feed since you’ve already “followed” our channel.

Facebook Watch

This app is only available on the Amazon FireTV stick. Once installed on your streaming device, simply log in to your Facebook account and search for our page “Community Fellowship Church”. Our video library associated with our Facebook page will be available to you including the weekend “Premier” of our services at 9am on Sundays.

We hope this article was helfpul in providing you with options to get our Weekend Services on your Television. If you have any issues or trouble please reach out and let us know and we’d be happy to help. You can also ask a neighbor kid, they’re pretty good with technology.