CFC Missions Partners Prayer Requests | May 2019

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BCM- Sri Lanka

-Pray for those still hospitalized after the attacks. One church in Batticaloa asks us to pray for 10 children and 2 adults that are are in critical condition.

- Pray for safety, comfort & peace of mind for all Christians in the country as stress is very high (potential PTSD among many)

- Pray for strength for our leaders there as they work at a feverish pace to meet the needs of the survivors.

-Pray for the many families who are out of access for rations as they are out of work due to security threats.

-Pray for power to be be fully restored. Power cuts have been a continuous result causing a major threat.

Compassion International

-April 25 is world malaria day. Please pray for children who are suffering from malaria and for their health, as well as the parents who are caring for them. Also, please pray for Compassion staff to educate families on malaria prevention.

Please join us in praying for Sri Lanka:

-Comfort for those who are mourning the loss of loved ones and holding funerals

-Staff and other Christians who are shaken by the blasts

-The continued safety of our children and their families in Sri Lanka

-Peace and unity of the nation while they heal

Hutton’s in Arab Lands

-Wisdom for leadership in their evaluations and clarity in their guidance for the future.

-Churches in the Arab lands, some of whom continue to face hardship and persecution

-Residency renewals


Africa- Praise God that we are seeing an increasing number of police officers in Kenya taken to court and held accountable for abusing their power. So far this year, the government has charged 14 police and won 2 convictions of police officers for violence in non-IJM cases. Pray that this momentum continues, and that police reforms would be institutionalized and an effective public justice system would reliably hold police to account.

Latin America- Praise God that our first local partner in El Salvador has taken on their first case to represent and support a young survivor of violence . An elementary age school girl was sexually abused by a man in her community. Her mother knew they couldn’t seek justice on their own so they reached out to our local partner for help. Immediately, our partner helped them report the case to local authorities and is now providing them with the legal and aftercare support that they need. Because they are not walking alone, the family is already seeing glimpses of hope: the aggressor has been arrested and will remain in custody until the end of his trial! Pray for a date to be assigned soon so the trial can start. Pray for our local partner as they take this case through the system until justice for this young girl is achieved. And finally, pray for our staff in El Salvador as they continue to walk alongside this local partner, providing mentorship and expert technical assistance.

South Asia- Please pray for our efforts to improve standards of care at shelter homes for survivors of sex trafficking. Many of these shelters are overburdened and under-resourced, which can leave their staff unmotivated to embrace new ideas. Pray for breakthrough in getting shelter staff excited about new ways they can serve survivors, and that we would get permission from the government to test out new programs to help these girls and young women heal.

Southeast Asia- Praise God for a landmark ruling in Thailand — IJM’s first forced labor trafficking case to result in a conviction! The convicted perpetrator, a Thailand port-based trafficker, collaborated as a key player within a cross-border trafficking network responsible for transporting hundreds, if not thousands, of Cambodian migrant workers and selling them to captains and owners of Thai fishing vessels. This conviction brings justice to the five Cambodian survivors who testified in the trial, and sets a promising precedent for future prosecutions in cross-border cases of trafficking into the Thai fishing industry.

Life Cycles

We thank the men and women of CFC for supporting this ministry. We thank God for His provision and protection. Our prayer is that God will continue to have His way with the ministry, and to reach boys where they are to guide them to where He wants them to be.

Krista in Central Asia

-Lift up these next few weeks of classes and furlough preparation for me. Ask that I would be able to practice inward rest and leave the field well.

-Continue to lift up our teachers and seeds that have been planted during our year of studies. Ask that new life would take place in our school.

-Ask that a coworker’s visa be renewed by the end of June to continue living/serving in country. Ask for clarity as she pursues work opportunities for this coming year.

-Ask for the right partners to join our field. We need more workers!

Water Street Mission

- Pray for the expectant moms on campus. Pray for patience, good health, and good sleep as they adjust to the new additions to their families.

- Pray for those dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Pray they will have the courage to seek help and a desire to overcome their addictions.

- Pray for a guest who is studying for an information technology (IT) certification. Pray for perseverance, and pray for a future job in an environment that would continue to encourage and support him on his restoration journey.

- Pray for a high school student who is struggling being the oldest child in her family. Pray she will complete high school and find supportive friends.


Reaching the Muslim community through the internet:

-Layia was born in a country where only a few hundred people know the love of Jesus. Growing up Layia got access to a new testament, but her mom took it away saying the new testament was forbidden. Later Layia had a dream of a man coming to her with a cross. Jesus lead Layia to a website where she could learn more about how He demonstrated His love by laying down His life for her. This website connected Layia to a missionary who could help her grow in her faith. Now Layia says that Jesus is the solution for God’s justice and mercy, and how we must, with every last breath, share this message with others. Layia’s husband is starting to show interest in Jesus. Will you pray for Layia’s husband and the millions of others in her country to be filled with the love of Jesus?

Illyricum Movement

Community Fellowship Church enjoys a “sister church” relationship with the Emanuel Frescu church in Albania’s capital city of Tirana. The church was planted as a work of the Illyricum Movement and is currently led by three Albanaians who spent much of the month of January with us: Edi and Bona Demo, and Dhurata Turallaj.

Here’s an overview of current prayer requests for the Emanuel Frescu church:

- Further establishment as a new gathering of believers in a densely populated area of the capital city.

- The Holy Spirit’s empowerment of evangelism efforts through targeted outreach - especially with English instructional programs. Those who attend the English classes are learning their language lessons straight from the New Testament. (What better place to learn a language than directly from the Word of God!?)

- Hearts to be changed and conviction to come to allow many people to choose to follow Jesus.

- Direction for the church leaders in outreach efforts and the establishment of discipleship structure for new believers.

Nine CFC’ers will be traveling to Albania over the last two weeks of July to serve at Emanuel Frescu church. Here are some prayer requests for the team as they prepare for this opportunity:

- Discernment to understand how the team can best support and serve the ongoing work of the church leaders with what they’re establishing in Tirana.

- Wise planning for how the team can best serve the children in the church’s community. At the church’s request, the team will primarily be offering a week of instruction in various music/art/recreation-related realms, creating a fun and memorable atmosphere for the kids (and providing a safe place for them to be for the week in order to serve the parents), and communicating Biblical truths through all of the activities. A concluding program will culminate a week’s worth of preparation and offer parents an opportunity to enjoy what their kids have learned, as well as hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

- Insight to minister well to the Albanians and encourage the church leaders.

- God’s provision and protection in all preparatory efforts prior to leaving on July 19.