CFC Missions Partners Prayer Requests | February 2018

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Hutton’s in Arab Lands

-More time to spend with Syrian refugee family

-Approval for our 2018 Residency applications

-Continued safety (another car bombing this week)

-For a non-English speaking (all-Arabic) family to adopt our family this summer for a month of language immersion.

-For the theology students as they begin a new semester.

-For our teammates as they on home assignment.


-Upcoming retreat

Krista in Central Asia

Ways to praise:

- Praise the Father for a handful of on-going weekly fellowship groups in my city.

- Praise for 2 new workers with another company that arrived in our city focusing on the same people group.

-Praise for inner growth among the local expat community as we meet regularly to intercede, share skills, and exchange ideas in reaching our communities.

-Thank the Father that my village friend continues to show interest in spiritual truth.

-Interaction with a family with a child who has autism and my ability provide free services using my behavior therapist experience.

Ways to ask:

-Through the work of the Holy Spirit, ask for disciple-making movements to take place, where local believers accept the call to reach their areas of influence to make more disciples, who will then go and do the same.

-Continue to lift up my friend as she seeks spiritual truth.

-Lift up the two new workers in my city, as they re-adjust to life in Central Asia and seek to engage in local ministry.

-Ask for continued growth and direction among the ex-pat community in my city.

-Ask for my personal growth and submission to the Father`s leading.

Hope International

-In 2018, we’re sharing the HOPE Poverty Simulation at churches around the country. The simulation is an immersive, experiential learning opportunity designed to help participants catch a glimpse into the realities of a lifetime living in poverty. Join us in praying that this is an opportunity for participants to grow in their empathy for others, prompting a desire to respond to the world’s great need.

-HOPE Haiti has recently had a number of new denominations request to be a part of the savings ministry. We praise God for the new excitement around the opportunity to serve their community through savings groups and that so many church leaders are catching the vision for the ministry. We pray that the Lord would show us how to serve and equip these churches, even when our own team’s bandwidth is limited.

-Since September, a cholera outbreak in Zambia has been growing, claiming more than 2,000 lives. The most heavily affected areas have banned large gatherings in order to prevent the disease from spreading. Pray that the Lord comforts those who have lost loved ones already, and pray that the disease stops spreading.

-After an ISIS occupation that lasted nearly six months, the Philippine city of Marawi is slowly beginning to rebuild. We pray that the Lord would continue to comfort those who have lost loved ones and provide for those who have lost their homes. Believing in His great power to restore and redeem, we ask for His healing power in Marawi.

Life Cycles

Expectant. We’re excited to see what God has in mind for the boys, families, and leaders in 2018.

Full Speed.

- We’ve resumed the indoor program at Rainbows End Youth Services, a Christian teen facility in Mount Joy. New boys are already engaging, responses to our encouraging presentation of God’s word is good, and boys are getting off the couch.

- Our first leader meeting of the year was well attended, and more leaders are taking ownership of key pieces of the mission. This is an answered prayer, because it’s what needs to happen to take us to our next level and reach more boys in Lancaster. Our next leader meeting is at CFC on March 1.

God’s provision and protection. We continue to rest in gratitude for God’s provision, His guidance, and His protection. As we enter our fourth year, He has made us viable, He has kept tragedy away from us, and He has shown us the way to go.

Community Fellowship Church. We’re grateful to CFC for the love and support of our church, and I look forward to providing a LIFECYCLES message to the church body on the weekend of May 19-20.

Prayer Requests.

- God’s vision and leading

- God’s mercy and grace

- Gratitude to God for continuing to reach more boys and enlist more leaders

- God’s wisdom and blessing in starting our new team in New Holland, especially for Albert and Stacy Vega as they step out in faith to make this a reality.

Brian Moore- Intervarsity

-Pray for the two students who committed their life to Christ at Soul Cafe and for Abby as she follows up with them.

-Pray for the 13 leadership students as each are being challenged to take relational risks for God’s kingdom ministry at F&M. Elisabeth, Abby, Aiswarya, Chase, Ehenneden, Leana, Sam, and Zeima, Lexi, Parker, and Kolade (Lexi, Parker & Kolade have returned from being away last semester)

-Pray for students to take relational risks for the growth of the kingdom of God on F&M Campus.

-Pray for balance and strength as we experience all the family needs from infant to graduating senior and those in between.

-Isabelle continues to have seizures most days and sometimes multiple. Pray for peace and endurance as we care for her and continue to seek wisdom from her doctors at CHOP.

-Mandy begins teaching an 8 week bible study for women at our church in a few weeks. Please pray for protection and the power of the spirit of God speaking through her.


Africa- Praise God that last week in Kenya, in a non-IJM case, a police officer with a reputation for killing suspected criminals was convicted of murder. This is the first time in Kenya that a police officer has been convicted of murder instead of a lesser crime. The IJM team in Kenya has been doubling down to fight police abuse following the brutal murder of an IJM client, staff member and driver in June 2016. All too often, police have been able to use their power to extort bribes, throw people in prison on false accusations, or even murder without being held accountable. We are heartened to see an instance of police regulatory agencies successfully using the law to hold an abusive police officer accountable for his crime. Please pray with us that this case will send the message that police abuse is not tolerated in Kenya.

Latin America- Please pray for Jeremias,* a survivor of sexual violence in Bolivia. He was abused by a family friend, and IJM has been supporting him with trauma-focused therapy and by representing him in court. A couple of weeks ago, Jeremias and his younger brother were biking and his brother had an accident that took his life. The family has gone through so much hardship — pray that God will comfort them in such a painful time. Specifically, pray with us for Jeremias as he grieves and still awaits a verdict in his case. Pray for strength and peace, and that in the midst of this tragedy, he and his family will feel God’s love more tangibly than ever.

South Asia- Please pray for a 33-year-old woman just rescued from 15 years of domestic servitude by one of IJM’s trained partners in South Asia. She had been forced to work exhausting hours cleaning and maintaining homes, and she was never allowed to leave. Praise God for her miraculous rescue and for our partner NGO working in their own community to free people from slavery. Pray for this woman’s emotional journey home, and for millions of other women and children who are trapped in domestic servitude in South Asia, that they may be found and rescued soon.

Southeast Asia- Justice was served this week in the Philippines, as back-to-back convictions in two cases of child sex trafficking held two criminals accountable under the law. Join us in praising God that the courts listened to the victims and ruled justly, and for the perseverance of IJM’s team in Cebu — one of the cases has been ongoing since 2011! Pray also for the survivors’ continued healing and strength.