CFC Building Expansion Update

Jason Craig  |  Article, CFC Features & News  |  Expansion

Here’s a quick peak at our future building. CFC is growing at a steady rate, even in a season of Coronavirus and self-isolation. People are committing to follow Christ and it’s changing lives. We have high impact ministries led by talented staff and volunteers, who are innovating and adapting to our digital reality. CFC will never be the same, but we anticipate the day when we can all celebrate Jesus together in our building. Top 3 updates for our Right-Sizing project:

1. The Building Team has worked diligently alongside our architect to fine tune the construction drawings. Our updated layout will not only improve the interior flow and function of the building but also conserve costs.

2. Our Landscape Architect has submitted our land development plans to East Hempfield Township for a series of approvals.

3. Should the approval process continue smoothly, and our church remain in a healthy financial position, groundbreaking could occur as early as the end of summer.

At our last pre-application meeting East Hempfield Township officials were encouraged by our approach and want to work with CFC. We’ll continue to provide you with updates.

Please checkout our FUTURE GROWTH webpage for more details, including answers to frequently asked questions.

Jason Craig

Senior Executive Pastor

Jason partners with the Senior Lead pastor and elder board to generate vision, while facilitating the administration board and supervising the staff and volunteer ministry coordinators. With 14 years of youth ministry experience split between Young Life and CFC, Jason and his family served as missionaries in Ethiopia for three years before returning to Lancaster in 2014. Jason is married to his childhood sweetheart, Emily and together they have three daughters.