CFC - Are You Ready?

We are literally counting down days until our building is complete! God has been so faithful in providing the resources to renovate and expand CFC! I bet parents of little ones are ready for the new classrooms to open up! I bet students are ready to have furniture to sit on in the new student auditorium. The staff working in temporary offices is certainly ready to be back at the church; and aren’t all of us ready for the dust and paint smell to make like a tree…so we can connect with others in both of our new café spaces!?

The finishing touches are being made - the heat is being regulated, the baseboards are being installed, and soon, the last contractor will drive away in his white work van. There’s even a date set for a Ribbon Cutting (March 10th at 7pm – more to come!). If anyone was ever ready… WE ARE READY!!!

Or… are we? Completing this building project is a HUGE accomplishment! Our Executive Pastor, Jason Craig, along with Jack Risser, Weaver (our builder and contractor) and many others have spent countless hours planning, guiding, and seeing this job through. But ask any one of them. Their efforts have never been about finishing a building project. CFC is called to a much greater “project”. We are on a journey to make committed followers of Christ! They just happen to be the ones faithfully following God, doing a lot of heavy lifting to bring the rest of us to a new starting line at a higher level of play. Are you ready?

Those classrooms? Let’s fill them with kids, teach them who God is, and how much He loves them. The new Café? Let’s smile, and welcome a young couple who walks in our doors looking for God’s help for their failing marriage. Let’s serve a hot cup of coffee to the nurse who comes in tired from working the night shift, and the new mom and dad who barely had enough time (or sleep) to get their little ones fed, dressed, and in the car, much less enjoy a hot beverage. Let’s encourage our kids to invite their friends to The Student Community; then be there to walk beside them through the peaks and valleys as they learn to walk with God on their own.

Are we ready to get into the new building? Absolutely! But are we ready to engage, serve, and reach out with the light of God within us to make this new building His Church? If you are, would you prayerfully consider joining one of our ministry teams? We are in need of teachers in Community Kids, greeters, ushers, and café workers on our Frontline Team, and leaders in The Student Community so we can continue the project God has assigned to us. Let us know by filling out an interest card at the button below.


Tricia Garber

Communications Manager

Tricia manages the flow of information at CFC, creates written content, and assists ministries in communication efforts. Tricia has attended and served at CFC since 1997 in the areas of Children’s Ministry, Capital Stewardship, Hospitality, and Women’s Ministry. A graduate of Penn State, she has 7 years in sales experience and 10 years in marketing at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Co. She is excited to use what she has learned in the corporate setting to serve God and His church. Tricia, her husband Mark, and three boys, Avery, Andrew, and Aaron live in Lancaster.