What a Treasure we have in Lancaster!

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A few Tuesdays ago, the CFC leadership team went on a field trip! We left our computers behind, hopped in cars, and drove just a few minutes down the road, to Treasure’s Markets, Lancaster’s newest Grocery, Clothing, Furniture, and Home Goods store. We went to meet with fellow CFCer, Mission Partner, and founder of Treasure’s Market, Mike Mitchell, and his team to hear about their work and mission; and envision how CFC might partner with their organization, where it is obvious, God is already working!


  • Every aspect of Treasures Market is intentional. It’s location close to McCaskey High School was chosen because GIANT had recently moved out leaving residents few options for convenient, fresh, and healthy food.
  • Treasure’s Market’s business practice of acquiring name brand food, clothes, and household goods through closeouts, overstock sales, and donations, restore dignity to people with low income, by offering an affordable way to provide for their families.
  • Treasure’s seeks to hire people that may otherwise have difficulty finding employment due to disability, homelessness, or other vulnerability.
  • All proceeds from this business go into a non-profit foundation called Treasures of Hope. Treasures of Hope partners with other charities that serve to support and revitalize the local community.


One of CFC’s equip initiatives is to advance our missional mindset by sharing the gospel and equipping congregation-led ministries to reach vulnerable populations. There is great opportunity here for CFC to partner with Treasure to make an impact in Lancaster City! CFC will be sharing opportunities to get involved in the future. Here are some ways you can support Treasure’s Market right now!

  • SHOP- After a tour, our team had a few minutes to shop. There are some great deals! Tricia and Ruth picked up Pure Maple syrup for only $1.39 for an 8 oz. bottle! Jason & Alyssa both found 12-packs of flavored seltzer for just $1.00, Bobby found some brand new button down shirts for a bargain; and Dan took his wife, Lauren, back to shop over the weekend! It is great knowing for every dollar you spend, a portion is going back into the community and changing lives!
  • DONATE – Treasures accepts donations of furniture, household goods, and clothing!
  • LIKE TREASURES MARKETS on Facebook & Instagram -You will get updates on deals that you can share with your friends.
  • VOLUNTEER – There are several hands-on ways to get involved.
  • BE ON THE LOOKOUT!- Watch for upcoming opportunities to get involved with Treasures Markets to make Jesus known in Lancaster City!

Tricia Garber

Communications Manager

Tricia manages the flow of information at CFC, creates written content, and assists ministries in communication efforts. Tricia has attended and served at CFC since 1997 in the areas of Children’s Ministry, Capital Stewardship, Hospitality, and Women’s Ministry. A graduate of Penn State, she has 7 years in sales experience and 10 years in marketing at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Co. She is excited to use what she has learned in the corporate setting to serve God and His church. Tricia, her husband Mark, and three boys, Avery, Andrew, and Aaron live in Lancaster.