Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study


March 9-April 27
200 Bethel Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601


This spring the Women’s Ministry of CFC invites you to an in depth study of Philippians. We will discover how love and devotion to Jesus permeated author Paul’s heart and mind. Paul calls us to follow him in complete devotion to Jesus and in turn find JOY! Walking this journey with other ladies we will learn how to have joy in serving, suffering, humility and much more.

The Women’s Bible study at CFC includes discussion time, teaching from the word, community connection, and a workbook for personal study during the week. The 8-week workbook includes homework to help you study the word of God on your own. This personal study usually takes ladies 15-20 minutes per day. It is a great starting place for studying Scripture. This spring we will introduce you to the Macro to Micro Study Method where we will study the Bible in passages, verses and words.

Tuesday evening gatherings are from 7-8:30pm March 9th through April 27th. This gathering will be in the main auditorium of CFC where we will follow CFC’s guidelines on social distancing and mask-wearing.

Returning will be our Home Gatherings option. CFC ladies have chosen to host the Bible study in their homes throughout the week. Ladies will watch the teaching time and then discuss as a group. Some homes will offer childcare. When you register you will be asked which Home Gathering you would like to attend. If you would like help finding a home gathering please email Mandy at mmoore@communityfellowship.com before registering.

You can also choose to do the study on your own online. Gathering Thursday evenings over Zoom for a discussion group will be an option.

Registration $15 Scholarships are available for registration fees.

Please email Mandy at mmoore@communityfellowship.com if you would like to request a scholarship.