Story of God



THE STORY OF GOD Message Series Begin January 15 & 16, 2022

Even after years of reading and studying the Bible, why is it that so many Christians, still find it confusing? Like opening a novel at its midpoint attempting to understand the whole story, we can dive into scripture, missing not only the fullness of the message; but our own calling within it. Understanding the BIG STORY of the Bible is key to discovering both.

Join us for THE STORY OF GOD, a six-week, churchwide journey from Genesis through Revelation beginning January 15, 2022. Each CFC ministry is involved in equipping you with understanding and the ability to share The Story of God. Check out additional ministry opportunities below.


Community groups will dig deeper into Pastor Bobby’s messages during this six-week series. If you would like to join or lead a group of 8 - 12 people to discuss, and explore The Story of God further, email us at or visit our Community Group Finder.


Elementary students will be learning The Story of God in six weeks from January 15&16 through February 19&20. In addition to learning the story, they will also be learning an outline and motions to go with the entire story of the Bible. Check back during the series for more details and links to other resources at The Community Kids page.


The Student Community will be joining along with the Story of God in an exciting five-week teaching series. Check back for the series schedule and parent discussion questions.


The Fall Women’s Ministry In The Beginning study in Genesis laid a foundation for The Story of God. The teaching videos and workbooks are still available. Our tea on February 19, will discuss Nancy Guthrie’s book Even Better Than Eden, a wonderful enhancement to the sermon series. In March we will offer the In The Last Days study in Revelation to complete the series.


Men’s Ministry will host a six-week study following along with The Story of God sermons, including excellent discussion questions to spur on conversation and growth. Groups will meet at CFC on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and Friday mornings at 6am starting the week of January 16.


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